Lia Giancristofaro

Lia Giancristofaro, docteur d’études approfondies (EHESS, Paris) and PhD (University “G. D’Annunzio” of Chieti), is an associate professor in demo-ethno-anthropological subjects at the University of Chieti, where since 2006 he has taught cultural anthropology; since 2000 he has directed the «Rivista Abruzzese», a cultural review founded in 1948. In 1980 he met folkloric and ethno-anthropological studies, and in 1990 political and legal studies, thus configuring his fields of research: anthropology of political and legal institutions; heritage studies; ethnology of Europe; re-elaboration of the Italian demological approach; anthropology of literary heritage, expressive activities and “traditional medicine”. He has coordinated research projects for his University and other entities, operating in Europe, North Africa, Canada and Argentina and has produced about two hundred articles and thirty volumes in France, Argentina, the United States and Italy.

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