Alberto Malfitano

Alberto Malfitano is professor of contemporary history at the University of Bologna. He teaches at the Department of Cultural Heritage, Ravenna Campus, where he holds several courses. His research focuses on various topics of the history of Italy in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, including the history of the Risorgimento, the history of journalism, the history of infrastructure and the relationship between man and the environment. On these last topics he published, among other things, Il nuovo corso dell’acqua. Romagna Acque-Società delle fonti nel terzo millennio (2020), Il governo dell’acqua. Romagna Acque-Società delle Fonti dalle origini a oggi, 1966-2016 (2016), Un territorio fragile. Dibattito e intervento pubblico per l’Appennino tra Reno e Adriatico (2011).

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