Cultural Diplomacy & Heritage

Cultural Diplomacy & Heritage
is an interdisciplinary scientific project that aims to promote the exchange, mutual connection and understanding of academic research, ideas, projects, and many other aspects of culture that characterize individual nations and their communities.

Culture is the most important factor for peace and stability of the world and constitutes the set of values that give meaning to the community and therefore culture includes all aspects through which a nation dialogues with other cultures. The word “heritage” defines the heritage of knowledge that opens cultural dialogues and therefore diplomatic projects. The word “heritage”, first of all, encourages the importance of enhancing the “human heritage”.

But the culture of a nation includes everything: diplomacy, legislation, art, heritage, education, political choices, industrial development, communication, security, financial and economic development, relations with citizens, development policies.

In this complex system, Cultural Diplomacy represents an exchange in several directions through which a community takes over its soul, hence its own heritage which creates a system of dialogue and participation fundamental to development and sustainability of nations.

Culture in all its manifestations becomes an essential instrument of the identity of a people and represents the material and intangible heritage fundamental to constructively address the objectives of globalization and contemporary.

Cultural Diplomacy & Heritage aims to create a network of intercultural connection, between East and West, where the heritage of individual nations becomes opportunities for knowledge, sharing and comparison for the development of individual communities.

Cultural Diplomacy & Heritage welcomes scientific and interdisciplinary proposals aimed at building this significant sharing of knowledge for an inclusive and participatory future. All those research proposals that will analyze specific issue interconnecting different disciplines will be welcome.

The book series is promoted by: 
– YIJUN Institute of International Law, Seoul, Republic of Korea (;
– Atelier Seoul, Republic of Korea.