CBRNe & Beyond

Conventional and non conventional emergencies: from research, education and training to the management and recovery of normality

Scientific director: Andrea Malizia

The conventional and non conventional emergencies is a macro definition including all the events that can affect, directly or indirectly, the safety and the security at local, regional, national or international levels. The Covid-19 pandemic situation as the Spanish flu, the Chernobyl accident as the Fukushima’s one, the chemical attack in Ypres as the subway release of Sarin in the subway in Tokyo are just few examples representing some of the historical recurrences that can be classified as natural, accidental, intentional or war related events or as biological, radiological/nuclear, chemical events. There are many aspects to consider in order to face those events and the related consequences: experts and technologies availabilities, national and international intervention and cooperation plans, prevention plans, education and training programs, research projects, emergency management plans, communication systems, recovery of normality, logistic, economical and legal aspects, business continuity and so on. It is indubitable that an emergency involves, directly or indirectly, the entire society. This is why this scientific & editorial project wants to collect all the aspects related to the emergency. 
CBRNe & Beyond has the purpose to be a point of convergence of expertise, experiences and lessons learned to improve safety and security worldwide in order to reach the recovery of normality after an event. 

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