Jodi L. Sandford

Jodi L. Sandford received her PhD in Cognitive Linguistics from the University of Perugia (Italy), where she has been research-professor in English Linguistics and Translation. Her main topic of research is in Cognitive Semantics: Color and Color Metaphor. She has participated as editorial scientific committee member, speaker and chair in numerous conferences, and as member of the International and UK Cognitive Linguistics Associations; European Society for the Study of English, Associazione Italiana di Anglistica; International Colour Association; Gruppo del Colore: Associazione Italiana Colore. Her most recent publications include: The Sense of Color. A cognitive linguistics analysis of color words, and “Keep it in mind – speak one’s mind – don’t mind if I do”: A Cognitive Linguistics analysis of “mind” polysemy in 2021; Taste and sight: A corpus analysis of English adjective-noun constructions, and In what sense do you sense that sense: A Cognitive Linguistic analysis of ‘sense’ polysemy (2019); and a translation from Italian Aldo Capitini on Opposition and Liberation (2020).

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