Andrea Chierici

Andrea Chierici got his Bachelor’s degree (February 2013) and Master’s degree (April 2016) in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Pisa. He completed his PhD in Nuclear Engineering at University of Pisa and recently took service at University of Roma Tor Vergata (December 2019). His research focuses mainly on the development of innovative electronic ionizing radiation detectors and equipment finding application in several fields, ranging from homeland security, to radiation safety, and personnel dosimetry. He was the finalist and winner of the AIRP National Youth Award (Salerno, November 2017) with the work Real-time monitoring of the exposure of crystalline using a novel photodiode based device. During his PhD he mostly worked on the development of readout systems for neutron detectors based on superheated emulsions, and on the feasibility of a new generation of active interrogation sources to interdict illegal introduction of SNM through country borders.

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