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Aitana Finestrat Martínez

Aitana Finestrat Martínez received her doctorate from the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 2023. Her main research focuses on epistolary writing and the history of women in the Early Modern age, with an emphasis on the upheavals of the European religious reformations, especially in Spain and England. She has recently published articles and book chapters on how the Counter-reformation affected women lives, e.g., The Spirit of the Counter-reformation. Sor Hipólita de Jesús through her letters, in «Potestas», n. 20 (2022). She also had the chance to participate, together with the UAB research group EpiCat, in a digital humanities project to create an online database of family letters for Catalonia (, whose results have recently been published in EpiCat, a Platform for the Management of Family Letters, in «Vínculos de Historia», n. 12 (2023).

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